Analytics Academy

Cut to the chase

The online business world moves at an even faster pace than traditional commerce. Anyone who is serious about the online market must consider that filtering, analysis and reporting are just as important to their long-term strategy in this dynamic environment as effective marketing and sales.

Please note that the quarterly Analytics Academy is only open to agencies and web professionals that are members of Google Partners. After registering on the Ground website, the system will automatically display the available Academies if the registered email address is also registered with Google Partners.

Each course is open to a maximum of 40 people. You can sign up, after registering on the website under the Sign Up for the Academy tab, by clicking on "Hi, Your Name".

Course topics:

Beginner course

  • How Google Analytics works, tracking code, website vs. app tracking
  • Setting up accounts
  • Administrator tasks
  • Setting up filters and goals
  • Integration with other Google tools
  • URL tagging
  • Reports in detail

Advanced course

  • Developing a measurement strategy based on business needs
  • Getting the cleanest data and the most accurate measurements
  • More advanced data capturing : events, custom variables, tracking several domains/subdomains, flash video tracking
  • More advanced reporting: special segments, custom reports/dashboards, alerts, shortcuts
  • Universal Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Analytics IQ test – answers to the questions that clients ask