Internship program

Hit the mark

Theory – Practice – Independent project work

Our next internship program kicks off in spring 2015. Applications are being accepted on a continuous basis.

The Google Ground Internship Program, during which students will receive both theoretical and practical training to master the art of Google AdWords, will run again in March 2015.

How you benefit

The Ground program enables you to gain a special Google certification at the end of course, backing up the knowledge and experience that you acquire. It’s hard work, but we hope you’ll have a blast. What’s more, the internship can count as professional experience required by your university or college.

Theoretical training

If your application is successful, the first stage will be a five-day theoretical course in online marketing and Google AdWords provided by the Google team together with other recognized experts. The theoretical training will help to underpin your knowledge by addressing the following topics:

  • Planning, developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Digital branding
  • Creation and optimization of online campaigns
  • Google AdWords (Search, Display, AdWords for video – YouTube)
  • Google Analytics

How agencies benefit

You can get stuck straight into online agency work part time following serious training! Who knows? You might be just what the agency is looking for. When the program was run the first time, more than ten students were offered full time jobs at the end of the internship.

Practical training

The practical training gives you invaluable experience in online marketing at one of several well-known Hungarian online marketing agencies.

The aim of the practical training is for you to master the use of Google AdWords online advertising options and to gain a clear understanding of campaign optimization strategies.

During the training you will perform various tasks arranged with the given agency that are designed to promote your professional development and ensure that your campaign management gets results.

The practical training takes place part time over eight weeks, and will involve an average of 20 hours a week.

Though we cannot provide financial support, the experience you will gain is a fantastic investment in your future since it will ease your way into a career in the marketing profession.

As partners of the Google Ground Internship Program, eleven online marketing agencies are currently offering internships. You can read more about them here

How others benefit

Finally, you can make use of the theoretical and practical knowledge you have acquired by independently managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns for start-up companies, institutions and non-profit organizations.

Independent project work

Once you have successfully completed both the theoretical and practical training, we will entrust you with setting up, managing and optimizing the AdWords campaigns of start-up companies and non-profit organizations so that you can put the knowledge you have gained into practice.

  • You are likely to be expected to manage one to three campaigns over three months on a weekly basis, based on the criteria and recommendations that we provide.
  • The campaign management is expected to take up two hours a week on average.
  • Naturally a mentor provided by Google will support your work.