YouTube Academy

A new approach to creating content

YouTube needs no introduction. Yet, when it comes to advertising, good content is rare. That’s why it’s worth acquiring the key knowledge you need so that viewers will be entertained and won’t click away.

Please note that the YouTube Academy, which is held quarterly, is only open to agencies and web professionals that are members of Google Partners. After registering on the Ground website, the system will automatically display the available Academies if the registered email address is also registered with Google Partners.

Each course is open to a maximum of 40 people. You can sign up, after registering on the website under the Sign Up for the Academy tab, by clicking on Hi, Your Name.

During the YouTube Academy we will show you:

  • How YouTube ads are made
  • How we measure and analyze video views
  • How content viewing habits can be categorized
  • How your next videos can be enhanced even further

Course topics:

YouTube ads:

  • Forms of YouTube advertising
  • TrueView
  • Effectiveness of the various forms of advertising
  • Ad campaign optimization

Creating YouTube content:

  • Basic steps of creating content
  • How to create video content on YouTube that will grab viewers
  • Benefits of YouTube channels and channel management